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As an online media strategist, blogger and digital nomad, I mostly write about my daily work and life in London and abroad while working remotely. I share tips, news and advice about content writing, blogging, web and media strategy, marketing, SEO, managing websites, online presences and remote work.

I also share insights into my work and life as a digital nomad and how I work in London and travel and work abroad. 

I consider myself an expert those areas, but also have an education background through my previous career, which is reflected in my blogging content on several blogs I manage.

Digital PR & Press Coverage Examples


Below I share some examples of the different types and forms of content publications I can offer on the websites I manage. Simply click on each image to read the full post. 


Business Feature Post with uniquely curated content



Entrepreneur Interview with unique Q&A curation


The latest Business Announcements & News published


Press & Event Coverage


My Top Tips for Guest Posting, Digital PR & SEO


I regularly share tips and recommendations based on my daily blogging, digital marketing, SEO and PR work so find out more in my blog posts.

The 4 Golden Rules of Guest Posting

The 4 Golden Rules of Guest Posting

Guest posting can be an excellent tool for all sorts of different businesses trying to build a reputation and brand. To begin with, it is going to allow you to build up some increased credibility, which is all-important in this competitive world. At the same time, you...

7 Content Writing Services to Offer for SEO Marketing

7 Content Writing Services to Offer for SEO Marketing

Content Writing has undergone significant change in recent years. Technology has undoubtedly given content writing and content creation a significant platform and content consumption is at a peak today. According to various sources gathered on Bing and Google search,...

SEO Toolbox For Content Writers – Top SEO Tools & Features

SEO Toolbox For Content Writers – Top SEO Tools & Features

Having a set of efficient SEO tools at hand as a blogger and copywriter can help you get better results and higher rankings, not only for your website but also for those of your clients. In my course “How to create SEO-friendly content” I cover and share some of the...

How You Can Work With Me


Despite this being my personal blog, where I am the main author, I am always happy to collaborate with other talented bloggers, writers and marketers.

If you have valuable knowledge, insights, tips, news or ideas that would be of interest to my audience, then I’d be happy to check out your pitch and get back to you with my thoughts.

I can provide various publication opportunities on this or other platforms as I know how difficult it is to get one’s voice heard in the digital space. 

I am equally happy to consider potential partnerships that benefit readers and followers.

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What to consider?


Mariano Di Vaio mdv style blog

For any contribution to be successful, it needs to fulfil certain criteria from my experience as an SEO content writer. Meaning, if content is supposed to rank and bank, it needs to tick the following boxes:

√ be relevant, trending, informative and engaging

√ be written in perfect English/German

√ contain reliable, rich sources and references also in visual formats

√ offer readers useful answers and solutions

√ contain relevant keywords, hyperlinks and media

√ contain engaging elements and CTAs


Top Blog Post Examples


Below I share some blog posts that have ranked well on search engines and have attracted hundreds to thousands of readers so far. And in these posts you will also find tips and techniques to write and publish SEO-friendly and engaging content.

How a WordPress Blog Can Empower & Enrich a Woman’s Life?

How a WordPress Blog Can Empower & Enrich a Woman’s Life?

Reading and writing has always been empowerment for me. I remember how, as a 5-year-old, I couldn't wait to finally read the TV newspaper to be able to plan what I was watching and when. In primary school, we wrote poetry albums of friends and I started keeping a...

How to Create a Blog Post Google Will Send Many Readers to?

How to Create a Blog Post Google Will Send Many Readers to?

In today's digital world, it has become challenging to write blog articles that make it to the top on search engines. Blogging consistently and writing an engaging post that not only ranks on search engines but attracts huge traffic is a hard nut to crack. According...

What does a Digital Marketer Do to Earn Money Online?

What does a Digital Marketer Do to Earn Money Online?

As the digital marketing job demand has surged by 52%, it becomes evident that most businesses nowadays tap into the digital landscape to achieve success. As a digital marketer at ClickDo I combine SEO with various other marketing disciplines like social media...

additional collaboration ideas


Mariano Di Vaio mdv style blog

Apart from collaborating on blog posts, other possible collaboration or partnership ideas include:

√ reviews

√ social media partnerships/campaigns

√ event or news coverage

√ content creation/optimisation/publication

√ content or marketing consultation

√ interviews

√ your unique request

Let's Work Together

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” – Mother Teresa

UK & London Coverage

Because I am based in the UK capital I mainly cover UK and London news and events, but I manage websites where I can also cover international news and I will make the most suitable recommendations as per each unique enquiry.


I love stories – tell me yours!

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