Who’s that girl?

Manuela is usually busy typing away, but she also enjoys living the digital nomad lifestyle in her favourite city London and traveling and exploring cultures and countries.

Skills born from passions

Manuela loves to blog, write, edit and translate copy for all types of blogs andwebsites. As an editor and manager of various blogs she regularly publishes guest posts, sponsored posts, press releases and provides backlinking advice and opportunities. Offering her support with content strategies, SEO, and SEO-friendly content, she researches relevant high-volume keywords to improve organic traffic to websites and ranks on search engines PLUS helping with digital marketing. She shares her knowledge and expertise here, via her other blogs and online courses as well as her guides and books.

  • WordPress Blog Creation and Publication
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Web Content Editing
  • Guest Posting and Backlinking
  • Content Translating English/German

Manuela’s Resources for your own digital path

Your online career

Become a digital entrepreneur. Start now and grow over time. The opportunities are endless.

Make money online

Transform interests into passions. Learn digital skills that pay the bills for more prosperity.

online bliss

Lead a more flexible, self-governed and meaningful life through sharing a passion online

Follow Manuela’s digital nomad lifestyle

As an Online Media & PR Strategist Manuela creates and publishes web content in various shapes and forms every day. Additionally, she handles email marketing content, social media marketing content, ad copy and press releases.

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