My passion

To get a better picture of the work I love doing, have a look at my portfolio below. Every project is unique and this is the beauty of this adventure.


Blogging is much more than just writing articles; it has become a real form of art as SEO knowledge needs to be incorporated to optimize every web content for relevant keywords in the targeted niche for better organic ranks on search engines. This is important for the reach and effectiveness as blog articles should lead prospective customers to the website easily and quickly. On top of that, understanding how to interlink keywords and other blog articles, how to add catchy images and meta data and much more are skills every outstanding blogger needs these days.

As a chief editor of many blogs at ClickDo Ltd., the #1 SEO agency in London, I am learning and testing this art as you can see on one of the blogs I write for and manage.

“The process for finding, creating, and consuming information has fundamentally changed with the advent of the web and the rise of blogging.”

-Ryan Holiday

Blog Article

Highly detailed, researched and factual blogging in the field of genealogy.

SEO-friendly content optimization

website content editing, optimizing and regular blogging for dentists and orthodontists to achieve higher ranks and increased traffic. See our
case studies:

PR copy and services

creating and publishing press releases, business announcements & news, business stories, writing ad copy or creating banners/posters. See one of our fantastic blogs:

Copywriting optimization

creating, editing and optimizing web content, policy & legal documents, course descriptions, content for email notifications, certificates and much more for the SeekaHost University currently still being developed. And you can find my SEO content writing course here too:

Content translation

as a German native speaker, enjoy translating web content into English or vice versa. For newly founded bilingual daycare centre Bambino Learn care in Switzerland I have provided translations from German to English for their policies, web content and staff documents, which you can find here (the English website is still to be set up, but some documents are available).

Guest posting and editorial work

as blogging is my main passion and as chief editor of various blogs in different niches, I help with guest posting for businesses and other bloggers to support them with their digital marketing and gaining more exposure online.
see some of the blogs to get an idea of how I manage this work:

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