Content Guidelines


All content contributions should meet the below guidelines to be approved:

  • All images used must derive from platforms such as Free Stock Photo & Video License – Pexels, Pixabay License, License | Unsplash, Shutterstock License which provide users with a license to download and use images for free for commercial and non-commercial purposes with no permission needed. If the copyright owner demands accreditation, please do so by adding the source (e.g., and the name (e.g. @photographer). You can also add the URL to the photographer’s profile, but we will not add any hyperlinks, only naked URLs.
  • You can create your own unique images with design tools like Canva etc. and use our blog or company logos, but you must ensure that you don’t use copyright protected images in these designs. Once you submit these images to us along with your content, we own the copyright to these materials, but we can add accreditations.
  • If the article lists products, services, companies, organisations, brands etc. it is best to use their own branded videos/materials via publicly accessible platforms such as YouTube/Vimeo/TikTok, Instagram/FB/Twitter/LinkedIn and embed them in the post (always check their verification status (tick usually) and if their channels are active (check dates of latest posts, reviews etc.). DO NOT USE any branded images as they may be protected by copyright. Videos and social media posts are publicly available and free to use as they lead the readers directly to the source’s profile or account, so we can use these with the full information when embedded, see examples below:

Top Home Teeth Whitening Kits | UK News Blog (

What UK Talks About – Rishi Sunak to UEFA World Cup Qualifiers (

This format will also be more engaging and therefore better for SEO.

  • Any hyperlinks added in the post must be fully functioning and lead the readers to the correct source which should be fully accessible – it’s your responsibility to ensure this at all times when providing content so conduct your background checks.
  • You must also ensure that the information in the content correlates with the information you reference. If you review a product or list a business, ensure that you only use the information that is publicly available and which can be referenced by credible and trustworthy sources. WE CANNOT SHARE “FAKE OR FALSE NEWS” and all information provided must be fully checked by the content writer/producer.
  • We cannot use screenshots of websites that contain images or of images that are copyright protected, so if you review websites or brands/businesses, you can take a screenshot of the header section of their website, if this doesn’t contain an image which could be copyright protected, see an example here: – again it’s best to use their own branded videos/posts which can be embedded where applicable.

  • For articles about identifiable people, e.g., celebrities, politicians etc. we cannot use images as chances are high that they are copyright protected. Instead, their social media posts or publicly available videos from their own accounts can be used where suitable, just ensure you embed these with the full info as in above examples.
    We cannot use infographics or graphics/illustrations that have been produced by others as they own the copyright for these. Even if we accredit them as sources, we are breaching their copyright. We can instead use the data and produce our own branded graphics with a reference to the data source as you can see in this example: – the goal is to tailor the content to our platform and mainly use our own or the contributor’s media rather than that of third parties where possible and suitable.

  • If we write and publish branded posts such as press or news releases, reviews or opinion pieces, we will usually get permission from the client/contributor to use their own images/marketing materials, which they will provide along with necessary accreditation and you should only use these.
  • Ensure all headings are formatted correctly.
  • Include main keywords in meta description and ensure it does not exceed ideal word count.
  • Make sure that there are no spelling mistakes in any titles or descriptions added, also in the featured image and the URL slug.

We want to provide only the best content that is insightful, factual, entertaining and engaging.

These guidelines are subject to changes and may be updated whenever necessary in this fast moving world. So make sure you check them regularly. We encourage you to also keep up with all developments in your industry.

Got it?

Then you can send me your ideas, suggestions, pitches and drafts and I’ll review them and get back to you.

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