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Many governments and employers around the world are trying to narrow the digital skills gap between digital natives and non-natives as many jobs require at least some basic computing and digital skills like email management, Microsoft knowledge etc.

More people opt to become their own boss with around 4.8 million freelancers in the UK and 57 million freelancers in the US according to Upwork in 2019. It is therefore clear that the digital nomad lifestyle revolution has arrived and is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

How do Online Marketing and Video Game Careers go together?

Digital marketing has become hugely popular with younger generations as many more of them begin to grow their online presence and make a living through online revenue streams. The internet has provided an excellent platform for many in entertainment industries to grow and earn a living and one of them certainly is the gaming industry.

Alone for the established game Minecraft there are 126 million active players worldwide today since its launch in 2011. Many serious Minecraft players share their gaming skills and tips via their YouTube channels, and some earn fortunes with video game job opportunities. You can read more about ways to earn online with gaming in the ClickDo Make Money Online Guide and the SeekaHost Make Money with a Minecraft Server Guide.

As you can see in these guides, digital marketing is an essential part of earning online through gaming and the following online marketing strategies recommended by SeekaHost University will help you achieve the revenue you envision after you invest time and effort and build your brand and presence online.

1. Attract Your Audience

Internet marketing is a key element in presenting and establishing yourself within the gaming industry. Many professional gamers use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course YouTube by running paid ads and sharing regular posts to engage with their audience. They may ask them questions, find out which content they like the most and what they’re looking for. This way the gamers make a personal connection with their audience and build a recognisable brand. Facebook groups are perfect for direct personal communication with the followers. Instagram stories are also a great tool to attract more followers. But as a gamer YouTube is the ultimate platform to reach the masses while they search for related content on search engines. Building a successful YouTube channel with thousands to millions of subscribers can change every gamer’s life by earning through paid ad placements, sponsorships, affiliate marketing and much more. YouTubers are the new superstars in the digital era.

2. Use automated Email Subscription Communication

Having people sign up to an email newsletter subscription on your website, blog or social media is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Sending out a monthly or weekly newsletter is a great way to keep your followers involved in your journey and allows for effective communication. This is a great way to offer sneak-peeks, exclusives, or information about new releases, mentions in the press etc.  Email marketing has become an important tool for any influencer and email marketing tools can be a great help in tracking and automating emails for followers and subscribers. You should design your emails nicely with images and videos suitable for the interests of your audience and they can be segmented based on the different groups of email subscribers, e.g., different age or interest groups to achieve the maximum outcome with your email campaigns. Learn more about email marketing essentials here.

3. Personalise your Social Media

Social media are a great tool in the digital marketing world because followers will appreciate some behind the scenes content, bonus footage and outtakes providedhow-to-get-a-career-in-video-games-with-digital-marketing-skills by gamers. People look for entertainment on social media so these additional snippets of content can appease your loyal audience and attract new followers. The key is to let your gaming personality shine through which may not be the case when live-streaming or collaborating with others on your YouTube channel. Having multiple social media platforms can boost your online presence as well as help you engage with audiences from different platforms.

4. Connect with Gaming Journalists & Bloggers

Creating a website using popular CMS systems like WordPress is your first step to building your online presence, apart from setting up your YouTube Channel. The difference is that buying your own domain and hosting it on a reliable hosting control panel gives you more ownership as using other platforms for your online presence makes you dependent on their rules and formats. Learning SEO can be time consuming, but to make your website climb in search rankings and to organically increase the visibility of your site it is necessary. A great way to make your name and brand known is by working with trusted professionals or gaming journalists such. Popular websites related to videogames may well accept guest-written quality content. Should a blog or news website agree to publish your guest post, not only will you have acquired a backlink for your website, but you’ll be getting your name out there.

5. Create Unique Content

When it comes to setting yourself apart from all the other videogame influencers, you need to utilize your own perspective and personality in your content. Make yourself interesting to your audience. It’s important not to copy other gamers’ content and to be unique. You can record your gaming experiences with entertaining commentary or by giving useful gaming tips also on your website. You can upload your recordings to video-sharing sites such as YouTube or go through your content live on streaming sites like Twitch or Discord. If you have the creativity and drive, you can create entire playlists demonstrating your knowledge of your favourite online games. Many viewers are also interested in e-sports and competitions so if you were participating in such, you could share that with your audience.

Get off to the right start as a Video Gamer with Digital Marketing Skills

With the online courses available at SeekaHost University, you will be equipped with all the digital skills to start marketing your gaming persona online. Learn SEO to rank your website and YouTube videos better, understand how to monetize your website to earn an income online with the Blog for Profits course and realise the potential of social media with the Facebook Remarketing course.


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