7 Content Writing Services to Offer for SEO Marketing

7 Content Writing Services to Offer for SEO Marketing

Content Writing has undergone significant change in recent years.

Technology has undoubtedly given content writing and content creation a significant platform and content consumption is at a peak today.

According to various sources gathered on Bing and Google search, in 2022, every minute on the internet, users sent 231 million emails, streamed one million hours of video, shared 1.7 million pieces of content on Facebook, and spent 90.2 million dollars on cryptocurrency.

It is very clear that content and data are the new gold in the digital era and content creators need to know about the various types of content writing services they can offer to their market to remain relevant in a time where Artificial Intelligence can deliver a lot of content, including written and visual content.

I will therefore walk you through different types of content writing services for SEO marketing and how each of these services can be tailored to remain in demand and effective for clients, websites, and marketing campaigns.

The Top 7 Content Writing Services Content Writers can offer

1. Copywriting Services


Copywriting service is a professional service that provides high-quality content for various purposes, such as websites, blogs, social media, newsletters, ads, brochures, and more.

Usually, this entails providing relevant written material according to the requirements of clients for the web, advertisements, or other forms of communication and marketing.

The art and science of writing to convince, influence, and motivate people to perform the desired action is what copywriting is all about. It covers various specialties, including editorial, advertising, public relations, direct marketing, and social media.

A copywriting service can help a business communicate its message or mission effectively, persuade its audience to take action and boost brand awareness and credibility.

The copywriting services I offer, for example, range from creating brand-new content for web pages to improving content for search engines and marketing purposes, taking target keywords into account in combination with project briefs. I train our skilled assistant writers to provide unique, SEO-friendly content to take a client’s digital marketing and SEO strategy to the next level.

You can learn more about what I offer here:


Digital PR & Press Coverage Services

A professional copywriting service can therefore save clients time and money by taking care of the research, writing, editing, proofreading, and SEO optimization of their content.

2. Blog Content Writing Services


A blog content writing service is a type of service that provides high-quality and engaging content for blogs as the name suggests.

Blog content writing services can help blog owners scale their blog content to attract more visitors, increase conversions, and establish their authority in their niche.

Blog content writing services typically offer different packages and options for different needs and budgets, and they should tailor the content to their client’s requirements and unique voice.

Some of the benefits a blog content writing service should offer are:

– Saving time and energy:

Blog owners can focus on other aspects of their business while the service handles content creation and editing.

– Delivering professional and SEO-friendly content:

Blog content writing services offer experienced and skilled writers who know how to write for different audiences and optimize content for search engines using various SEO tools.

– Boosting credibility and reputation:

Blog content writing services can help blog owners to showcase their expertise and knowledge in their field and build trust with their readers.

– Increasing engagement and loyalty:

Blog content writing services can create content that is relevant, informative, and entertaining for the readers, encouraging them to interact and return for more.

Blog writing aims to build relationships with readers and open doors for customer interaction. In general, it can be a successful strategy for companies to expand their online visibility and connect with their target market through targeted posts.

Businesses can create a strong online presence with SEO blog writing services in particular. Professional blog writing services help brands establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry, improve their search engine performance and visibility and generate leads and sales.

Expert writers will collaborate closely with clients to understand their business and target market before producing high-quality blog content, consistent with their objectives and marketing strategy.

3. Web Content Writing Services


Web content writing involves writing for different websites to demonstrate their services or products to a target audience. Today, every company, large or small, competes with one another online to sell its products or services. The website should feature tailored and targeted content that simplifies its offerings and assists businesses in grabbing a larger number of potential buyers and eventually increasing sales with effective and converting Calls To Action (CTAs).

The content must be creatively written to draw in potential customers and follow the best SEO strategies to gain visibility where needed. Website content can be extremely versatile ranging from home page content to policy content and service or product page content.

Now more than ever web content writers need to understand the importance of engaging, high-quality web content for websites that are viewed on various devices. That’s why they should provide expert web content writing to help their clients attract and retain website visitors, enhance conversions, and leads, and establish credibility with their audience.

Additionally, web content writing services can be crucial in supporting key (sales) landing pages or service pages for particular marketing campaigns and the copy must be highly effective and converting, which requires skilled and experienced experts who have created such web content successfully in the past, which they ideally showcase in their portfolio.

4. Social Media Writing Services


One of the most effective ways to spread the word about services, products, and a brand is through social media. Additionally, it can be a fantastic way to drive traffic to websites, landing pages, and marketing campaigns.

However, often social media campaigns don’t achieve a high number of likes or shares and lack engagement. So, the copy in combination with the right hashtags and tags as well as visuals is key to achieving good results. This is the effectiveness of social media marketing done right: it can attract a far larger audience with targeted copy and management of the content.

Professionally designed social media posts using unique ideas can fire up a business presence on social networking sites. Creative content developed by experts for innovative social media posts can turn any marketing campaign around and impact SEO by driving more organic traffic via social media accounts to specific pages or posts. Talented social media content writers work within a client’s budget to create engaging social media content for their business and offer to manage this via social media management tools for example.

5. SEO Press Release Writing Services


If your business operates in the digital marketing and SEO industry, you must know what a press release is and how it can benefit your brand. Press releases are created to inform consumers of new updates and developments in a particular business or industry. Whenever a brand expands its business, signs new mergers, launches new products in the market, organises events, or opts for a marketing deal, press releases can be used for making announcements.

A press release has seen many changes, yet some brands still utilise them for their original purposes. Press releases are a component of branding and sales campaigns in modern digital media. As a result, the material should be focused on sales and marketing written for a small, medium, or large organisation. It should also engage readers on digital devices to increase the chances of triggering clicks to referenced websites or channels.

With the help of media release writing services, a client can collaborate with experienced press release writers who will optimise it for SEO. This is also called an SEO press release writing service. SEO press release writing services should include crafting or editing a press release and optimising it for search engines and the specific platforms or publications it is intended for. The traditional formatting of a press release should be considered, but primarily the release should be engaging, containing core keywords, quotations from spokespersons, and media like images, videos, or posts. This will boost brand recognition and attract potential clients to a business and have a positive ROI for the client.

Discover more about this content format here:


SEO Press Releases aka Media Releases vs. Traditional Press Releases – What’s the Best PR Format?

6. SEO Content Writing Services


Article content writing has been around since the first periodicals, newspapers, and magazines were published. However, it now covers a significant portion of the internet too.

This is where SEO content writing services come in. The writer offers to optimise content for search engines by researching and including relevant and effective keywords, using SEO strategies. The writing is mostly based on the keyword focus, but it must be effective to keep the reader interested and encourage them to engage with the content. The main goal for such content is to be ranked well on search engines to achieve more views and clicks.

SEO content writing services can benefit businesses and brands that produce all types of articles ranging from in-depth guides to list posts. Creating unique content that can boost a business’ SEO strategy to help them rank for long-tail, informative phrases, and keywords in top SERPs is a skill that many companies pay well for as it can generate a higher ROI.

7. Guest Post Writing Services


Guest posting is a beneficial strategy for brands trying to grow their reach, attract more potential clients and build their reputation. Businesses can enhance brand visibility and reach a larger audience by publishing content on reputable websites, magazines, and blogs in their niche or industry.

Guest post writing therefore requires some understanding and consideration of SEO and link building as writers should include backlinks to a target website strategically, following the requirements of the publisher. Done right, guest posts can boost a website’s search engine rankings, and increase traffic and brand awareness. This can ultimately lead to increased revenue and sales for the business.

Guest post-writing services should offer article writing that caters to the target audience on various platforms to get effective guest contributions published in reputable publications. A guest post should provide valuable information and insights for selected audiences to establish the business as experts. It should help brands to showcase their expertise and knowledge, which can boost credibility and trust with potential consumers.

Additionally, it should lead to the content and brands mentioned in it becoming household names in targeted niches that are being referenced by various sources on the internet.

Discover more about effective guest post writing and strategy here:


Successful SEO Copywriting Techniques For Guest Posts On Popular Blogs

Final thoughts

Content writing services are crucial for SEO and digital marketing as most businesses have an online presence today. Many content types can be created for a brand to establish a stronger reputation, drive more traffic and engagement, and establish a name in the market. Many businesses will choose to outsource the listed types of content writing as they can be time-consuming and often require specialist writing and SEO skills.

A content writer should therefore be able to offer a variety of content writing services such as the ones listed, which can achieve higher rates of pay through further specification and exclusivity. Every content writer can learn SEO, link building, and marketing skills through online courses such as those offered at SeekaHost University, which will help them stand out among other content writers and target high-profile businesses with specific requirements.

SEO Toolbox For Content Writers – Top SEO Tools & Features

SEO Toolbox For Content Writers – Top SEO Tools & Features

Having a set of efficient SEO tools at hand as a blogger and copywriter can help you get better results and higher rankings, not only for your website but also for those of your clients.

In my course “How to create SEO-friendly content” I cover and share some of the SEO tools I use, including how I use them in order to strategically add relevant keywords that I have researched. You can also watch how Fernando and I find the best keywords to embed in an article so it ranks quickly and effectively:


In this article, I want to help you identify an SEO tool that will work for you. Try a search for an online tool that can help you perform search engine optimization. You’ll find too many to count, literally. Don’t let the overload of choices weigh you down.

I’ve done the hard yards and can save you hundreds of hours of search, trial, and frustration.

The first step I took was to make a list of the functions that I need my SEO tools to perform. After that, I went on to choose the tools for my SEO toolbox as I already had a clear idea of what kinds of SEO tools and features I wanted.

Checking Your SEO Needs

Be it a professional website, a blog, or an e-commerce site, there are some basic functions that the tools in your SEO toolbox must be able to perform. These include:

  • Analyze the performance and functionality status of your website.
  • Ensure that content is optimized for better web visibility
  • Compare the site performance with competing sites.
  • Track visibility on social media and platforms to monitor the web traffic.
  • Check backlinks and plan link building.

My SEO Toolbox – What’s in it?

You don’t need complex and time-consuming software. Simple and small tools can easily perform SEO as well as their complex and often expensive counterparts.

Have a look at what I’ve included in my SEO toolbox. The listed SEO tools allow me to perform required optimization whenever I need to, without burning a hole in my pocket.

Because if you’re just starting out as content or copywriter for the web, you won’t be in a position to pay for expensive tools yet. But you still want to create content that is popular on search engines like Google.

So the below SEO tools may not be completely free, but some offer certain features for free or they are at the lower end of the scale and many offer free trials to test them as well.

SEO Site Checkup

You can choose from more than a dozen free tests on SEO Site Checkup to check your site’s current performance metrics. Use this to analyze your shortcomings.

A few of the free tests include:

  • Google Search Results Preview Test – To see how your page appears in Google Searches.
  • Most Common Keywords Test – To see keywords and topics that crawlers associate with your page.
  • Competitor Domain Test – To check what sites are your competitors and research terms they’re ranking for.
  • Social Media Test – To check whether your site connects to social media platforms.

After analyzing your site’s problem areas with these tests, think about how you can improve them. Make a strategic plan for certain pages or posts to achieve higher ranks.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a very handy tool that enables you to create better and more relevant content. By analyzing the popularity of a topic over the months, it provides crucial insight on whether your chosen topic is a relevant one or if it’s no longer interesting to your target audience.

Use this tool to avoid wasting your time covering topics that your potential readers don’t care about. Analyze seasonal fluctuations in topic popularities to make sure you provide the right content at the right time of the year, especially if your website/blog focuses on trends.


This tool provides a comprehensive website analysis and SEO audit, as well as suggestions for improvement. You can use it to check your site’s performance, usability, mobile-friendliness, social media presence, and more. WooRank also offers a Chrome extension that lets you analyze any webpage with one click.


If you want an answer to the question: “Can I rank for this keyword?” then this tool helps you by analyzing your site’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the competition level and opportunities for each keyword. You can also get actionable recommendations on how to improve your ranking potential and target the right keywords for your niche with CanIRank.

Screaming Frog

As a desktop-based website crawler that scans your site for SEO issues, such as broken links, duplicate content, missing tags, redirects, and more Screaming Frog is quite powerful. You can use it to audit your site’s SEO health, identify errors and warnings, and export reports for further analysis, which comes in handy when pages have been deindexed for example.

Answer The Public

This tool analyses and provides you with the most trending searches from a list of Google’s auto prompt suggestions. It is very useful as it provides you with the latest topics and queries from web users.

ATP allows you to explore an untapped mine of content ideas. You can use these topics for content creation on your website to increase website popularity and improve your site rankings. By identifying your target audience and their interests, you can narrow down titles for your posts containing relevant and popular search terms. The free version allows up to two searches a day. It is part of Neil Patel’s UberSuggest, which is also listed here and you can probably combine both for different purposes.


Ubersuggest is a complete package tool that analyses your competitor’s SEO strategies for content and digital marketing so that you can utilize them for your website.

Created by the ultimate SEO guru, Neil Patel, this tool’s many features include domain overview of competitors, top SEO pages reports, and backlink data analysis. Use the knowledge to know what is trending in your target market and to improve upon your competition’s strategies and get better search visibility. Not all features are free to test it and if you really like it, you can choose a plan.


One of the highest-rated SEO tools on the market, BuzzSumo allows you to analyze content popularity and keyword performance on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

You can track comments and trends to produce relevant content. It also allows identification of trending social media influencers so that you can advertise and popularise content by partnering with them. Many use commenting on blog posts or social media posts as ways to gain exposure for their web presence. Amongst bloggers, it is also common practice to exchange articles or publish guest articles to gain more traffic and grow the backlinking profile.

Google Analytics

I mainly use this tool to analyse Google data and as a website owner, you will have free access to Google Analytics once your website is submitted and indexed. I also use it via the seekahost.app to check all my blogs hosted there and their analytics.

It’s a very comprehensive SEO tool that lets you find out many insights into your website performance such as daily, weekly and monthly traffic, top-performing pages and posts, where your traffic comes from, how it varies and fluctuates, and much more.

It’s not necessarily ideal for keyword research, but it can provide great insights into how your written content performs. By comparing different time periods, you can see how the traffic changes when you optimize a page or post or how your visitor is led to other pages and posts through your internal links in the content. I find its use very easy and straight-forward compared to other SEO tools and the data is very accurate and detailed. However, it only covers Google searches, not other search engines like Bing.


This tool is a WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your site for search engines, so it can only be used by WordPress webmasters via the backend. I use it for all my blog posts and so do all of the SeekaHost and ClickDo teams hence why we have created a tutorial and a whole AIO SEO course:

Some of the features of AIO SEO include:
– Smart XML sitemaps that automatically update and submit to Google and other search engines.
– Social media integration that lets you control how your content looks when shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
– SEO monitoring and optimisation for your content and meta data.
– WooCommerce SEO that optimizes your online store and products for better conversions and sales.

Start Building Your SEO Toolbox

Now that you’ve seen what my toolbox looks like, why don’t you get on with putting together your toolbox with the SEO tools that suit your needs best?

Remember, first prioritize the functionalities you need and the budget you have available. Then, test the SEO tools I have introduced here to find out which works best for your requirements. You can obviously research more tools, and I have compared a few link analysis tools as well, to make your SEO content writing journey as successful as possible. And if you’re trying to land your first content writing jobs, check out my previous article about copywriter job platforms.

Feel free to contact me with regards to my SEO copywriting course or any other questions you may have about this topic via manuela@clickdo.co.uk or the contact form here.

The 6 Best Link Analysis Software Tools for SEO Ranked by Ratings & Pricing

The 6 Best Link Analysis Software Tools for SEO Ranked by Ratings & Pricing

As a content writer, blogger, or marketer you will understand the importance of SEO tools and link analysis for any web presence. If you are new to this subject, then read on.

What is a link analysis?


Link analysis helps you understand how your website is referenced on other sites on the web or to check that links you have built in the past are still active.

This is especially important for guest posting as you would have invested time and effort into writing the guest content published on a website and you would want to ensure that the link in your content remains active.

Link building and link analysis are therefore key elements of improving your link profile and boosting your search engine rankings and traffic to make your website and brand stand out and convert.

What is link analysis software?

Link analysis software can help you with tasks like finding link opportunities for potential guest posting or link-building collaborations, monitoring your backlinks, analysing your competitors’ link strategies, and identifying and removing toxic links.

However, there are many link analysis tools available with different features, ratings, and prices and before you pick one, it is recommended that you compare the top-rated options first to ensure you find the solution that delivers what you need at the best rate.

Below I compare six of the top-rated link analysis software tools for SEO writers and marketers based on their features, reviews, and pricing, which I researched with the help of the Bing AI answer engine tool.

I also share tips on how to use them effectively based on information I have researched on the web about these tools. I have only used Ahrefs and SEMrush myself and have added my personal opinion here.

I suggest you narrow down a selection suitable for your purposes and try to use a free test trial version first before committing to a subscription.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools in the market, whose quality of data presentation and filtering offers valuable support. It has a comprehensive link analysis feature that lets you:

  • Explore any website’s backlinks and see their metrics, such as domain rating, URL rating, referring domains, organic traffic, etc.
  • Discover new link opportunities using various methods, such as content explorer, broken link checker, link intersect, etc.
  • Monitor your backlinks and get notified of any changes or issues.
  • Audit your backlink profile and identify low-quality or spammy links that can hurt your rankings.
  • Export and download your backlink data in various formats.

Ahrefs has a huge backlink index of over 16 trillion links and 295 billion pages. It also has other useful features for keyword research, content analysis, rank tracking, site audit, and more.

I mainly use Ahrefs to search for easy-to-rank keywords for my content, website metrics, and content performing well and to track and check do-follow and no-follow link placements. It is certainly a comprehensive tool, which costs a fair amount, but used right, provides a good ROI.

Ahrefs has four pricing plans: Lite ($99/month), Standard ($179/month), Advanced ($399/month), and Agency ($999/month). You can also get a 7-day trial for $7.

Ahrefs has a 4.6/5 rating on Capterra based on 238 reviews. Users praise its data quality, functionality, user interface, and customer service.

2. SEMrush

A multifunctional tool that offers a wide range of SEO features, including:

  • Backlink analysis tool that helps you evaluate the quality and quantity of your links,
  • Comparisons of your link profile with your competitors,
  • Searches of new link prospects,
  • Keyword research,
  • Rank tracking,
  • Site audits,
  • Content marketing.

I mainly use SEMrush to filter keywords with low keyword difficulty, search for website metrics, compare competitor websites, and track and check link building. Its interface is not as easy to use as Ahref’s in my view, but it offers many functions that are useful for link analysis and SEO content writing.

SEMrush has a 4.6 out of 5 rating on Capterra based on 1,216 reviews and costs $119.95 per month for the Pro plan.

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is the brainchild of SEO guru Neil Patel and a free SEO tool that offers a simple but effective link analysis feature.

It allows you to:

  • See any website’s backlinks and their metrics, such as domain score, page score, anchor text, etc.
  • Filter the backlinks by type (do-follow or no-follow), platform (blogs, forums, etc.), or date (new or lost).
  • Find new link opportunities by analysing your competitors’ backlinks.
  • Export your backlink data in CSV format.

Ubersuggest also has other features for keyword research, content ideas, site audit, rank tracking, and more.

It is free to use for up to three searches per day. You can also upgrade to Ubersuggest Pro ($29/month) or Ubersuggest Enterprise/Agency ($49/month) for more features and unlimited searches.

Ubersuggest has a 4.5/5 rating on Capterra based on 108 reviews. Users appreciate its simplicity, functionality, value for money, and customer support.

4. Link Explorer by Moz

Link Explorer by Moz is a powerful link analysis tool that helps you understand and improve your link profile.

It enables you to:

  • Access the Moz Link Index, which contains over 40 trillion links and 7 trillion pages.
  • See any website’s backlinks and their metrics, such as domain authority
  • Research the link profile of any domain,
  • Discover new link opportunities,
  • Monitor your own link performance,
  • Keyword research,
  • Rank tracking,
  • Content analysis.

Moz Pro has a 4.4 out of 5 rating on Capterra based on 534 reviews and costs $99 per month for the Standard plan. This highlights its loyal user base with significantly more reviews than most of the other tools receive.

5. Majestic

A specialized tool that focuses on link analysis and provides a wealth of data and insights on the link profile of any website.

Majestic offers:

  • a huge index of links,
  • a variety of metrics and reports,
  • a browser extension that allows you to quickly check the link status of any page.
  • metrics such as Trust Flow and Citation Flow that indicate the trustworthiness and popularity of links.
  • a feature called Link Context that shows the surrounding text and images of links.

Majestic has a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Capterra based on 81 reviews and costs $49.99 per month for the Lite plan.

6. LinkResearchTools

A powerful tool that combines data from various sources and applies advanced algorithms to provide a comprehensive and accurate link analysis.

LinkResearchTools helps you:

  • identify and remove toxic links,
  • recover from Google penalties,
  • monitor your link profile,
  • find new link opportunities.

LinkResearchTools has a 4.2 out of 5 rating on Capterra based on 18 reviews and costs $179 per month for the Superhero plan.

Hopefully, this comparison will help you get started with your link analysis to boost your SEO efforts with your content writing and publishing. It is also important for digital PR and marketing to check where a brand or website is referenced perhaps without knowing or to keep an eye on the competition.

You could simply get started with SEO via your WordPress website by using the AIO SEO Plugin, which I also use for all my content published on my blogs. It helps you with adding internal and external links and managing the indexation of your content. You can take our free AIO SEO Plugin course to understand it better and boost your SEO already.

However, you may use it, and be sure to gain experience using such tools, if you want to keep track of your online content and its performance. And if you do not have time for such monitoring activities, our SEO, marketing, and branding experts at ClickDo can always lend a helping hand.

Successful SEO Copywriting Techniques For Guest Posts On Popular Blogs

Successful SEO Copywriting Techniques For Guest Posts On Popular Blogs

Want to know the one word that makes humans powerful? It’s – networking.

Guest blogging is as close as it comes to networking online for copywriters and digital marketers and at ClickDo Ltd. we use it constantly to grow our blogs and websites and rank them higher on search engines.

However, it’s not easy to get your guest content published on reputed platforms and often people write poor copy, stick a backlink in and think that’s off-page SEO done and dusted to boost their domain authority and search engine ranks.

But it’s not just about the link building here, it’s also about being strategic with your guest content and applying proven SEO copywriting techniques effectively.

What is the Power of Guest Blogging?

If you manage to land a guest post on a high-profile website or even established magazine or newspaper, it can truly give your author profile and website a massive boost on search engines. See some examples of guest posts I have curated that increased our ranks here:

Edu Gorilla Magazine: Top 7 Ways to be in control of your kids online safety

Careers Help Magazine: Why Choose a Career Path with Digital Skills?

Entrepreneur.com Magazine: 5 Strategies to Build an Online Portfolio for Business Performance Success

Many of these guest posts along with infographic submissions have enabled me to rank this blog, manuelawillbold.com as well as other websites and blogs, like the UK Education Blog, in top positions on search engines like Google (snapshot was taken 04/10/20):There are two types of guest bloggers

But guest posts and press releases or success stories have other benefits too apart from influencing a website’s SEO.

They can also drive direct traffic to your website you have interlinked or mentioned in your post, which enables you to reach a wider readership you may not get exposed to otherwise. See how on the day that the Digital Entrepreneurship Story I wrote and submitted to Home Business Magazine, which has over 100k monthly traffic worldwide, drove double the amount of visitors and tripled my pageviews I normally get to my blog (screenshot from my SeekaHost App Hosting Control Panel):


You can clearly see the impact in this example.

Another aspect I want to mention is that through guest blogging you increase the chances of other bloggers or writers referencing you as well as they may come across your information more frequently or from sources they refer to more often. My article about Geography Apps was mentioned in a list post on this website for example, without me asking for it:https://bestappsfinder.com/best-geography-app.

So, if you create high-value content that is SEO optimised and share it across the web, you will certainly see the rewards as people find it on search engines and reference it.

How to go about successful Guest Blogging & SEO Copywriting?

How do I get my guest posts published? Read on and you’ll find out.

There are two types of guest bloggers:

  1. those who aimlessly use the same pitch for every blog offering guest posts, and
  2. those who send out a personalized pitch depending on the blog.

Don’t be the former.

Doing your research first is key. As you can see in my examples above, I check out relevant guest posting sites first via SEO analytics tools to find out their domain authority (DA), domain rating (DR) and their monthly traffic worldwide or country-specifically, depending on what my goal is for the guest post.

To see an impact, I would recommend going for sites with a DA of at least 20+, ideally between 30-60, where you may get free publications. For sites with higher DA’s you will likely have to pay a publication fee, but it can be a worthy investment, if you get the content, the link placements and the media materials right.

Once you get the approval for your email guest post pitch (tip: make it short and sweet and relevant for the guest posting site’s audience), you should follow their editorial guidelines and craft your article carefully. Check out this ClickDo guide on all the secrets for a successful outreach campaign:

How to Create A Perfect Pitch & Test Your Guest Post or Press Release Outreach Campaigns?

Your diligence while writing a guest post for a blog will ensure a flow of opportunities from similar high traffic sites. This, in turn, will increase the viewership on your website but only if you follow these SEO copywriting techniques compiled to put you in the running with the rest of the successful bloggers.

If you consider these, you should be able to get your guest posts published with the ultimate SEO advantages.

1. Understand the Blog’s Unique Voice

Understand the blog's unique voiceYou would have obviously found blogs related to your niche, but have you noticed the unique voice of different blogs? Understanding this is your best bet for creating high-quality content. That’s how you make the editorial team of the blog like you.

Take some time to read through the recent blogs posted on the website and pay attention to the tone. Check if it is friendly and creative or straightforward and to the point.

Once you’ve understood the voice of the blog, begin writing, and you’ll have multiplied your prospects of being published. Websites with heavy traffic also get a number of guest posts and their filtering process is primarily based on what’s best for their blog.

Give them what they resonate with and try to find the person in charge and email them directly with a concise pitch that is relevant for them.

2. Submission Guidelines are your Cheat Sheet

Submission guidelines are your cheat sheetIf you’ve been blogging for a while, you’d know that blogs that accept guest posts have a set of submission guidelines and reading through it will make all the difference.

Check out HubSpot’s submission guidelines or the London Business News guidelines to understand the expectations the editorial team has from guest bloggers. The guidelines will give you an idea of the prerequisites and standards for guest posting on that particular blog.

Ensure your writing reflects every guideline listed by the blog and when placing your backlinks, be considerate and strategic according to your blogging link building strategy. Most publications ask to avoid so called “link stuffing” and will only allow maybe 2-3 links, which should be relevant for what you cover. You should also research your anchor text (the text you use to add your hyperlink), which should contain relevant keywords you want to rank the page or article you interlink with for. Otherwise you are wasting this opportunity especially with regards to SEO.

See one example here from the Career Path article mentioned earlier:


The link circled in green is a reference link so readers can check the study mentioned, the highlighted link in yellow is a relevant ClickDo article with a similar title and the link circled in red is a backlink to this page on the UK Education Blog that I want to rank higher on search engines: https://education.clickdo.co.uk/work-online-in-education/. The backlinks you add need to provide value and should provide additional information.

3. Write for the Blog’s Readership

Write for the blog's readershipThis is one of the most important points, so pay close attention.

The blog you hope to guest post for will have a specific audience and catering to them must be your priority. Most guest post guidelines insist you must write for your readers first but if your writing fails to intrigue the main readership then your effort will circle down the drain.

It is wise to remember that a guest post is first read by the blog’s viewers, so mould your writing to appeal not just to your readers but the blog’s as well. Bear in mind that they do not know you nor your expertise and showcase this in your guest article in a way that will be of interest to them.

If you get them hooked, they are more likely to check out your website and follow you on social media for example.

4. A List Blog gets the most Attention

Readers are only after quick information that they can skim through without delving too much into the details. This is why list posts are a real money maker in the blogging industry. If you need a better idea of how list posts work, give Listverse a read.

Your secret to SEO copywriting success is in the form of short sentences with valid information in bullet points, using relevant keywords repeatedly, but in different ways. This is what makes most readers stick around until the end of the blog. If you’ve paid attention to the first three techniques, then curating a list post will not only be easy but also help you stand out from the rest.

At ClickDo we also use list posts successfully on the blogs I manage or as guest post submissions as you can see here:

Top 20 Co-Living Places in London for great Networking

Top 35 Canary Wharf Restaurants: Best Places to Eat & Drink After Work

27 Best Eco-friendly Products And Gifts In The UK In 2022

Such posts are more likely to achieve higher ranks on search engines as they cover many keywords in a very structured manner. They will also attract more enquiries to have a mention added in them from businesses or agencies. Because if the post is like a review and ranks well in SERPs that will benefit them, they may offer you a guest post or mention on their site in return.

5. Quality and Quantity go hand in hand

Quality and Quantity go hand in handYou may have noticed websites stressing on the need for quantity when it comes to guest posting but the quality is what will ensure their shelf life.

Guest posting is known to be the best way of gaining viewers and your motto should be quality with quantity. To begin with quality, you must strike a balance between what you want to talk about and what your viewers want to learn.

Once you manage to produce purely relevant content that gets a wide viewership you can move on to quantity. On average you should be able to put out a minimum of 2 to 3 posts every week with a word count of at least 800+. Writing strong pieces of content on a regular basis will help you stay on top of your game.

The more you write, the more you will be read but only if your content maintains a high standard.

6. Use an Article Closing Strategy

Use an Article Closing StrategyThe main agenda towards guest posting is to gain referral traffic and many rely on their bios for that which is a huge mistake. A marketing strategist Gregory Ciotti recognized ‘byline blindness’ as a common issue among readers of popular blogs.

The Internet is filled with guest posts which have led to readers overlooking who has written the blog. Even you must have read a dozen blogs without even noticing the name of the author.

The main danger here is that you might not get any traffic your way, making the guest post worthless. Ciotti formulated a 3-step article closing strategy to overcome this problem.

He advises three elements that you should include in your guest post namely:

  • closing subheadings

  • questioning the readers, and

  • using a call to action.

Your first step is closing subheadings, which means you need to make your conclusion obvious. This can be done by using phrases like ‘Now it’s your turn’ or ‘The ball is in your court’. The next thing is to interact with your readers and ask them questions related to your post. Your final step is to place a CTA (call of action) to ensure your readers make their way to your site.

All you have to do is keep at it, the more content you send out, the more views will come your way. If you’re a blogger in the education niche, then you can reach out to some selected education blogs accepting guest posts you can find here:

Top 15 Education and Student Blogs accepting your Guest Post

If you’re a student blogger or finance/frugal lifestyle blogger, check these blogs out for possible guest blogging gigs:

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I want to help bloggers with their guest blogging and am in the process of building blogger communities where guest posts with valuable blogging tips or success stories can be shared:

The Bloggers Exchange Blog

Blogger Tipps und Tricks Blog

You can talk to me about guest blogging and online directory websites for setting up additional blogger profiles with links – I am more than happy to help any blogger out there and offer guest posting opportunities and advice.

10 Top Alternative Search Engines To Google That Support Good Causes

10 Top Alternative Search Engines To Google That Support Good Causes

We have the world’s information at our fingertips through internet search engines and some people are utilizing this feature by raising social consciousness.

Social consciousness spreads awareness about what is happening in our society and world. Many businesses, organizations and people now speak up about what they believe in and fight for on social media platforms and other internet channels.

Hence why I discuss the top 10 alternative search engines to Google that are the best alternative search engines to use, if you’re fed up with the tracking and data privacy issues on Google.

Why use alternative search engines than Google?

An example of such philanthropy I came across recently when the founders of search engine SearchScene.com contacted me and we conducted an interview for the London local news website the londonbusinessnews.com. I realized that more search engines donate a part of their revenue for charity work related to different causes such as environmental initiatives for climate change or pollution, which in turn prompted me to create more awareness of this phenomenon.

As a copywriter with an SEO background, I am fascinated to learn about emerging search engine alternatives. I have therefore researched the latest search engines that don’t just offer their users a great search experience, but also contribute something to our planet. The revenue of these sites mostly depends on advertising and the number of clicks that have been made throughout a search.

What to consider when using different search engines than Google?

From an SEO point of view, you should be aware that some of these search engines will not provide data in the same way Google does. Some only store selected data sets from searches for improved user privacy such as the total number of searches from each country and each device. Because many are committed to environmental causes, they try to minimize the amount of data they collect to reduce their carbon footprint. You will also be less likely to find their data being used in SEO analytics tools.

This indicates that SEO will be impacted by users compiling their searches with different search engines and that SEO tracker tools need to ensure they still provide adequate SEO data that is reflective of most internet searchers. Any SEO expert should take such factors into consideration when they conduct SEO audits and research for websites.

I therefore recommend you test them all yourself to understand them better and perhaps find a more sustainable alternative to Google, if that is something you care about, but who wouldn’t considering the current climate emergency.

1. GoodSearch Search Engine

GoodSearch Search EngineThe innovative concept behind GoodSearch to be found via https://www.goodshop.com/ is a mix of Groupon that helps in the greater good. It is an online search engine that allows users to browse discounts on everything, from body lotions to sunglasses.

The search engine provides a collection of retailers to choose from when you want to shop but still want to save some cash. The search engine includes retailers like Abercrombie and Fitch, Barnes and Noble, Dell, and buybuy Baby.

GoodSearch donates 50% of its revenue for philanthropy. They have more than 110,000 retail partners. This search engine not only gives people the joy of shopping but also the satisfaction that their money will be used for a good cause.

2. Ecosia Search Engine

Ecosia Search EngineThis Germany-based search engine plants trees. It works as an extension of Google Chrome, and thus it can be installed very easily. You need not adapt to any different way to search on this engine, and you can easily get used to working on it instead of chrome as its interface is very similar. Their mission is to plant more than a billion trees all over the world, and they do so by raising funds through advertising revenues.

Ecosia comes with paid advertisement links, and when you click on one, they receive the payment. The search engine makes it easy to plant trees in places like Madagascar where native vegetation and land have suffered an extreme level of deforestation in the past years due to the trade of palm oil. This site is used by around 16 million people monthly. Ecosia also maintains transparency by making its financial reports public, which ensures that the money is being used as promised.

3. Search Scene Search Engine

Search Scene Search EngineThis Charitable Search Engine donates 95% of its profits from ads to humanitarian and environmental charities that fight the causes and effects of climate change and users can choose which of their nominated charities they would like to support.

A special feature is that every time you refresh your search you get to see stunning scenery, hence the name “SearchScene”. When users conduct a search, they get the baseline search results from Microsoft Bing and their own knowledge panels, instant answers, and widgets.

Search Scene is a charitable search engine that provides actual, traceable receipts for all its donations and their knowledge panels are often split into tabs that break down a search into different subtopics for a better organized search.

4. Ekoru Search Engine

Ekoru Search EngineThis search engine donates its revenue to partner organizations involved in ocean cleanups. The technology that they use is powered by hydroelectricity, and hence, every search made by an individual will be eco-friendly. The company donates 60% of revenue generated from clicks on sponsored search results.

Every search initiated by a user will help the organization clean the oceans. Each month, Ekoru raises money for a new environmental or social cause that is highlighted for the users.

Using this search engine is simple, you do not have to learn anything new to use it. You just surf the internet in the same way as with Google, but you will be able to contribute to saving marine life and the environment.

5. Elliot For Water Search Engine

Elliot For Water Search EngineElliot For Water is the very first search engine that encourages users to help people who require clean water. The advertisement revenue collected by the search engine is used for such projects. Elliot For Water donates 60-70% of its profit to this noble cause. One-fifth of the world’s population does not have access to clean water, which leads to the death of around six thousand people per day worldwide due to diseases that are related to contaminated water. This search engine’s mission is to help people who need clean drinking water to improve the quality of their lives.

This mission is achieved with the help of its users who just search the internet via their engine. This search engine donates a portion of the profit they earn to buy Solwa Technologies, which are solar energy-based products that purify dirty and polluted water with the process of distillation. They also take care of the primary necessities of small villages where technology has not arrived yet.

6. EveryClick Search Engine

EveryClick Search EngineThis is a UK-based search engine where 50% of advertising revenue goes to philanthropy. The most unique feature of the EveryClick search engine is that you can choose which charity you want your money to go to once you sign up to the engine. The amount of money that will be received by the charity will depend on the clicks one will make throughout the search.

This search engine also provides users the chance to raise additional funds for charity. This can be done by sharing the links on social media or by donating directly through their site. Anyone in need of some aid can start their fundraiser at a minimal price. Note: it appears that this search engine is currently not functional as of the date this post was updated.

7. Givero Search Engine

Givero Search EngineThis search engine, just like EveryClick, will allow its users to choose a charity they want to donate to. A list will be available to the users from which they can choose the causes they want to support. It is privacy-centric and has taken inspiration from competitors like DuckDuckGo. There is no need to make a profile as no history of the searches is registered. In addition, no third-party analytical tools are attached to the site.

Givero provides a platform for people who want to support different causes. Its users can pledge to support the environment, animals, and children’s charities. The company’s 50% revenue goes to philanthropic work. Note: it appears that this search engine was under construction at the date this post was updated.

8. Lilo Search Engine

Lilo Search EngineThis search engine provides its users with a water drop for each search and these water drops can be assigned to a charity of their choice, thus letting you support the cause you want to. At present, Lilo has over half a million users who make more than 40 million searches and thus raise over $2.5 million for charity. The search engine is also known for protecting the users’ privacy and preventing tracking.

9. Rapusia Search Engine

Rapusia Search EngineAfter clicking on this search engine, you will get a message, “let’s help the planet”. This search engine donates about 50% of the revenue that they earn from advertising to social projects. Every time someone searches, they earn a heart, and once one has enough hearts, they are asked to use them for charity.

Rapusia users can choose from six different charities including environmental organizations, assisting children in need, protecting animals, etc. Privacy is protected by the search engine and the search data is not stored.

10. DuckDuckGo Search Engine

DuckDuckGo Search EngineThis search engine is mostly known for its free all-in-one privacy solution where any user browsing is not tracked. The founders truly care about privacy rights and donate to organizations across the globe that support better privacy and digital rights.

What you may not know about DuckDuckGo is that it is also committed to being carbon negative by offsetting 125% of their full scope emissions. With the credits they earn they fund renewable energy projects such as biomass generators, wind farms and hydroelectric power in selected countries to deliver cleaner and more self-reliant energy to small rural villages.

Final Verdict

People who want to help those in need but are not able to do much because they are short of money, resources or time can use these philanthropic search engines. The users do not need to adapt to a different way of using a search engine, because all of them work in similar ways and as the other established search engines Google, Bing, or Yahoo and even use their data bases partly while they’re establishing themselves in this competitive market.

How to Create a Blog Post Google Will Send Many Readers to?

How to Create a Blog Post Google Will Send Many Readers to?

In today’s digital world, it has become challenging to write blog articles that make it to the top on search engines.

Blogging consistently and writing an engaging post that not only ranks on search engines but attracts huge traffic is a hard nut to crack.

According to research, blogs where posts are consistently going up, are 13% more likely to rank higher in the search results than the websites that update blogs once or twice a month. And you can find 100 prime examples of famous UK bloggers that have managed to reach the top with not just one but many articles.

So, how can you become a Top Blogger ranking at the Top of Google?

How to Write a Blog PostWhat are some exclusive blog writing techniques that can help you take your site to the top of the search engines?

If you are searching for the answers, you have come to the right place! In this post, we’ll discuss the ways you can boost your organic traffic and search engine rankings by writing a compelling and exceptional blog. Read on.

  • Optimize your Site for Search Engines

This is no longer an era where you can write a blog post on any topic, insert keywords, upload images, and expect your content to get great exposure. If you want your blog to get ranked on the first page of search engines, you need to do some hard work.

Today, people often employ two major strategies for blogging:

  1. On-page Site Optimization
  2. Off-page Optimization

On-page SEO involves:

  • keyword research with reliable SEO tools,
  • meta-description containing rankable keywords,
  • image ALT text containing keyword variations,
  • headers & sub headers containing keyword variations,
  • bullet points/clear paragraphs,
  • and everything that makes your article unique and engaging and relevant for what your potential readers are looking for.

Watch this recording of how the #1 SEO consultant Fernando Raymond and I published a comprehensive guide of nearly 2000 words on the WordPress blog university.seekahost.com, applying all the listed on-page SEO strategies and tips step by step:

This is the most popular yet common way of allowing the search engine’s spiders to crawl your website and index it.

Off-page SEO involves:seo-strategies-and-techniques-for-bloggers-to-reach-top-in-serps

With billions of active blogs on the internet, it gets quite difficult for new bloggers to get their content on top of the search results. Therefore, they start blogging, sweet pitching, guest posting, and cross-promotion techniques to generate quality backlinks from other authority sites.

You can learn more about content marketing techniques like business listings, guest posting opportunities and press release services I offer through SEO consultancy ClickDo in these articles:

Top 10 Blogs UK Businesses should be featured for PR & Marketing

24 Must-Know Link Building Methods for 2022

However, you cannot expect Google to rank your blog in the first ten search results unless you write a compelling and well-written blog post to start with. Content quality and comprehensiveness as well as relevancy are key indicators Google uses to rank websites according to their latest search quality evaluator updates and guidelines.

  • Use the right SEO Writing Strategies

Sure, people use paid advertising techniques to drive more traffic to their pages. But the problem is paid methods don’t encourage organic traffic generation through organic search results.

Research suggests that roughly 70 to 80 percent of bloggers don’t use paid search services at all. They totally rely on the on-page SEO tactics to drive traffic to their website. Fortunately, these strategies work for them. You don’t need any paid ads if you manage to master the on-site SEO optimization. SEO content writing is the only possible way of generating organic traffic and genuine leads. The question is what on-page actually includes?

  • Optimizing your blog for search engines using keywords, meta-data, and multimedia content (such as videos, images, infographics, charts, and etc.).seo-content-writing-for-high-google-ranks
  • Writing a detailed blog on the given topic.
  • Answering as many questions of the audience as possible through your blog post, adding most searched for keywords.
  • Providing your audience with an accurate solution to their problems.
  • Keeping the engagement of your visitors by structuring your content effectively.

That’s it! You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get organic traffic. Instead, a compelling blog post that solves customer’s problems is enough to get your website on the first page of the search results, if you can also get some good backlinks for it with related anchor texts. It is worth to note that SEO friendly web content focuses on visitors rather than search engines and I’d suggest you also test alternative search engines to Google for keywords for your blog post.

Write a detailed and well-structured Blog Post

how to structure a blogA compelling blog post is something that everyone loves to read.

You create a blog, select a theme, add content to it, upload media like images or videos, and carry out the necessary SEO strategies. But you still don’t get the search results you want? The reason can be a boring post that seems way too complicated to be understood.

Through well-structured and compelling blogs, we don’t mean a post that is 100% grammatically correct or sounds professional (even though you should use a grammar and spell checker tool!). But it should be written in a way that your users find it interesting and informative as well as easy to follow.

The structure is the first thing your readers look at via your table of content. It should be so engaging that visitors don’t think twice before checking out other blogs. For more tips on how to structure a WordPress blog post, check out this tutorial:

Here’s how you can achieve a well-structured Blog Post


  • Write an eye-catching title

Write a title that makes users more curious to click on your blog’s URL and read the full article. It should be between 50 and 60 characters. Make sure that you don’t stuff keywords unnecessarily in the title. Use it wisely i.e., only if it fits naturally.

  • Write an attractive introduction

The intro should be short and tell your users what exactly they will find in your post. Try to add some questions in your intro to make your visitors more likely to read the full blog and find answers to their problems. For example, “Do you want to increase traffic and leads? We’ll walk you through some interesting and effortless ideas of gaining more visitors to your website”.

  • Include examples and illustrations

People love to know how they can relate to your blog. For example, if your blog is about dieting tips for weight loss, give an example of your customers who lost their extra pounds using your strategies.

  • Make your content engaging

Include bullet points, sub-headings, images, videos, infographics, tables, statistics, and other content that makes your blog easy on the eye. Don’t write long paragraphs or hard-to-read content.

  • Draw a conclusion

Write a conclusion that explains how your blog post can offer solutions to the problem of your visitors. Your visitors search for a query on Google and other search engines so this is where they will find your articles first. They want relevant answers to their problems so you must write a post in a conversational tone since it attracts more visitors. The idea is to keep your visitors engaged, and what’s a better way of doing that than communicating with them through your blog effectively.

These were some blog writing strategies that can help you draw the attention of your audience and generate more traffic. Follow these tips to become an expert content writer.

You can find out more about how I ranked my “how to make money online in Germany” article on top of over 20 search terms on Google in this blog post:

The best Blogging Platform for Writers to Rank and Make Money Online

Or by watching this video:

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